Firewood Scavenging Policy

The trustees have discussed the matter of individual scavenging of firewood and have decided on the following interim arrangements. These will be in place until a more permanent arrangement can be made. This is in the light that we have an ambition to run our own firewood business at some stage and this might conflict with individual scavenging.

Interim conditions for permission to scavenge firewood

  1. No charge for permission at this stage.
  2. The person collecting the wood must be a member of the Cambusbarron Community Development Trust (CCDT).
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  3. Only fallen (dead) wood may be taken.
  4. You are only permitted to use hand tools to cut up and remove the wood from our land (the use of chain saws or motorised vehicles is NOT permitted under this permission).
  5. The wood you take is for personal use in your own home only.
  6. A map of our land is available and this indicates the land covered by this permission, and will indicate any areas which are out of bounds.
  7. Permission will be given for a period of 12 months after which time it is your responsibility to contact us to renew the permission.
  8. Any activity to collect wood is at your own risk.

Cambusbarron Community Development Trust board of trustees

To apply for permission to scavenge for firewood, please fill in the form below: