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Dear Resident of Cambusbarron,

We find ourselves in very difficult circumstances, we live in unknown and uncertain times.  Local Community groups have come together to try and help the most vulnerable in our community and if you are not vulnerable then to ask you to help by checking on your neighbours.

The advice in this website is correct when published, but please check the local and national news for up to date information.

At present if we are not working in key jobs we are being told to work from home if possible and to stay at home unless we are exercising, shopping or caring for others and then for the least time possible.  If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 then you should self-isolate and book a test.

Last Update 23 Jan 2021

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Official Updates on Coronavirus

Community Response to COVID-19

Need Help?

Message from Police


Home Deliveries

Exercise and Wellbeing

How Can I Help

Official Updates on Covid-19

Scottish Government Updates
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Community Response to COVID-19  
Dear All,

We are very grateful to all those who have volunteered to help the community at this point in time. That almost 50 people have offered to help is touching and we are very grateful to you all.

We have had very few requests as yet for assistance which shows that family, neighbours and friends have rallied round the vulnerable and shielded but feel that this may change as more of the population succumb to this highly contagious virus. If you are caring we want to thank you and assure you that we appreciate your work.

We would ask you, in line with government advice, to heed advice to stay at home unless when absolutely necessary.  It is hard, frustrating and difficult when we face Easter weekend and can’t see those we love.  This will pass however and we can have belated birthdays, celebrations and lots of family time in the future.

This week we have concentrated on setting up street reps: people who will join neighbours to look after their own area, watching for those in need and who can pass on requests for assistance and phone calls.
We were particularly heartened to receive two donations of bread from the Coop which were distributed by Melissa.

We specifically need reps for the following areas and ask you to get in touch through
Gillies Hill
Thank you, stay safe and stay well – your actions can impact the spread of this virus and we ask you to follow the best advice – STAY AT HOME!

6 April 2020

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Do you need help, or to just chat to someone?

If you are self-isolating for any reason or need help please contact us and we should be able to assist or direct you to a source of help.  You can contact us using one of these methods:


Community centre phone number: 01786 450538

(You may need to leave a message so please remember to leave your name and contact number)

Age UK

Age UK Advice Line 0800 678 1602 Free to call 8am – 5pm all days

Age Scotland also provide a free telephone friendship service for people 60 and over on 0800 12 44 222  Free to call and available Monday – Friday 9-5pm.

 Age Scotland website:

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Message from: Lynsey Kidd, Community Inspector, Stirling, Forth Valley Police

 As you know COVID-19 has presented a significant global challenge and the way we ordinarily live has had to change dramatically to help combat the spread of the virus. 

I write firstly to reassure you that our officers and staff are committed to supporting Public Health wherever possible to maximise the wellbeing of our communities. You will be aware the police have now been given legislative powers to deal with individuals who are potentially infectious and to enforce the restrictions on the movement of people/closure of businesses as per the government guidelines. 
Our policing style locally and across Scotland however will continue to be visible, engaging and positive and will adopt the following approach:
Engage: ask whether an individual is aware of the government request; establish individual circumstances and how quickly someone can comply. 
Explain: the risks to public health, and to the NHS in line with government guidance. 
Encourage: voluntary compliance.
Enforce: if faced with non-compliance and only as a last resort
It has been very reassuring over recent days that officers who are patrolling the local area continue to see evidence that the overwhelming majority of the public understand the importance of the stay at home message and are complying with the restrictions. We will however, continue to be visible and responsive to community needs and I hope that this will bring reassurance to your community. 

3rd April 2020

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YOU SHOULD NOT open your door to someone you don’t know. We will have told you someone will come to you in advance of any visit. We will always stay 2 metres away from you to avoid spreading infection.

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Michael More will deliver items to you, phone the shop on 01786 474944 to order.
Cambusbarron Pharmacy will deliver prescriptions on 01786 479079

Stirling Council will run an emergency service for those in need. Please phone 01786 404040 for details.
We will be able to drop off basic items in an emergency too – this is only for the most vulnerable.

Online Delivery Options
Please see a comprehensive shop list, compiled by a volunteer.
Online Delivery Options April 2020

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The government has registered the importance of staying fit during this period. Walking is the easiest way of doing this – ensuring we stay 6 ft or 2 metres from anyone we don’t share a home with.
It is important to have social contact; a simple phone call can make all the difference to someone, please phone someone you think is alone,  video call your family or friends and, if walking, wave and smile to those you pass.


Advice for equestrians during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

The link below is advice from the British Horse Society


Paths for All advice during Covid-19 Pandemic

Paths for All have produced an advice page with guidance on exercise during the current lockdown

The entries of particular interest are:

Keeping active while staying home

Tips and advice for home workers

Walking during periods of social distancing

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What can you do to help?

Where possible we want to encourage neighbours to look after neighbours, avoiding face-to-face contact. 
Putting a card through your neighbours’ doors with your name, address and phone number and an offer of help may be the best way of establishing and maintaining contact. 

We are looking for volunteers from each street to help us identify the people who need help near you, it would be fabulous if a street What’s App could be set up.

Keeping in touch with people you know, especially those living on their own, by phone or social media may be the best thing we can all do to help. 

Volunteers are very welcome and you can register on 01786 450 538 or by emailing

Message from Stirling Council 31 March 2020:

Local Community Response to Covid-19 – Volunteers wanted

Stirling Council and Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise (SVE) are now asking volunteers and local community groups to register and be part of a co-ordinated response to the Covid-19 emergency. By volunteering you can make a big difference in your area and on a national level.
We are developing a recognised, formal Stirling area wide network to support those in need at a local level. By being part of a formal coordinated effort, our response will be stronger and safer for those vulnerable individuals and families needing support.  
Stirling Council and SVE are fully tied in to the national volunteering agencies and their campaigns.
The site (link now closed) will allow community groups and individuals to register their interest, by registering you are helping us to provide co-ordinated support across the Stirling area. 
Please register 
• As individuals who would be willing to become Befrienders, Volunteer drivers, Volunteers assisting with essential groceries and collecting prescriptions or to assist with food preparation for vulnerable people. 
• As local community groups who can organise a local response and provide assistance in their area. Individual members of groups need not register just a primary contact.
• As third sector organisations who can support the collective effort or commit resources at a local level.
After registration, you will be contacted by a Local Co-ordination Team in your area. We will ensure that all volunteers’ health & wellbeing is protected by following all official guidelines related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The CCC/CCDT Community Group is already registered with, so any existing volunteers need not register again.


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