Accessible Path Update

The accessible path plans are now progressing to the next stage and open to community consultation. This is following topographic survey and concept design work completed during Sept – Dec 2023 by local Landscape Architects Raeburn Farquhar Bowen.

Within our Woodland Management Plan (approved by Scottish Forestry October 2022), one of the key objectives for CCDT is to ‘encourage responsible and safe public access for all users by upgrading key paths’. It was stated as a high priority to create a new surfaced path to increase accessibility within the woodland. The initial focus is to join up key entrances and the Primary School to the Walled Garden.

Creating an accessible path from Cambusbarron Primary School to the Walled Garden is an aim of our Woodland Management Plan and a future phase of path work will connect it to the Seven Sisters housing development too.

We’re keen to confirm that the community is supportive of this planned accessible path and to answer any questions people may have.

There is a lot of information and appreciate viewing on screen may not be the easiest on the eyes for the detail included! It will be available shortly on A3 posters at the school and Gillies Hill (sheds) entrance to the woodland as well as up on community noticeboards and in the library, pub and church hall too.

If you have any comments in support or questions to feedback on the accessible path plans please do either submit via our contact page or come along to our drop-in session on Saturday 27th in the Community Centre between 11am – 4pm.

Info about the drop in session It would be lovely to see as many people there as possible to chat in person about the path and other plans for the woodland during 2024.

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The path has been designed to the Outdoor Accessibility Guidance, produced by Paths for All and The Sensory Trust. The route has no barriers and, where possible, keeps to gradients shallower than 1 in 20. There are three sections where the path is steeper than 1 in 20, but shallower than 1 in 10. These are:
A – The ramp down the steep section near the primary school.

B – The Access to Gillies Hill.

C – The section of path south of the connection to Gillies Hill.

Surrounding roads, such as Gillies Hill, are steeper than the proposed steepest sections, so a pragmatic approach has been taken to gradients.
Rest points are offered at the upper end of steeper sections of path. These will be made with a level widening of the path.

The path has been designed to be 1.8m wide. This gives a broad wearing surface that will allow all users to be accommodated comfortably. This is above the minimum width of 1.2m (with passing places) specified in Paths for All guidance.

The path being an unbound or bound surface has it’s pros and cons. The advice given is that for our woodland environment the recommendation is KBI Flexipave as a potential bound surfacing option. This is made up from aggregate and recycled tyres, it offers a smooth rolling surface that is flexible and porous. The gravel in the surface makes it appear visually lighter than asphalt too.

A consideration has also been made to include a section of boardwalk and small bridge over the existing burn too. There will be other areas where drainage solutions will be put in place to improve the current situation and protect the new path constructed.

As mentioned above our aim for this accessible path is to encourage responsible and safe public access for all users by upgrading this particular key path. By creating this new surfaced path we hope it will increase accessibility within the woodland for current and potential new users.

Please do get in touch with your comments or questions regarding the accessible path plans either at the upcoming drop in session on 27th January or via our contact page –

Recording community feedback on our concept plan is important before we go to detailed design stage and plans are finalised. After that we’d be seeking planning permission and submitting funding applications so we need to capture all feedback in advance. The survey to record views is open until Saturday 10th February.

Please complete out short survey on the accessible path plans for Gillies Hill Community Woodland here –