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Community Planting Day

24th March 2024 @ 10am

Join us for a day of planting trees within Gillies Hill Community Woodland!

Over the past couple of weeks, CCDT volunteers have been busy planting around 1000 trees within the area affected by the SPHN felling in 2020/2021.

Its been amazing to see this area come back to life, and the feedback from the community so far has been fantastic. 

We’re excited to confirm that we will be holding a community planting day onSunday 24th March for anyone in the community (young and old!) to come up to the woods and help us plant the remaining trees.

We’re not finished yet though, and there are still plenty more trees to plant, so we’d like your help!

These include a range of native species such as Sessile Oak (grown from the acorns gathered from the woods and nursed within the walled garden), Common Oak, Rowan, Wild Cherry, Hazel and Aspen.

Please meet at 10am in the area between the frog and owl carvings (around 150m up the hill from the sheds entrance).

Sturdy footwear is strongly advised, as the ground is very uneven.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to get involved in shaping the woodland for generations to come, learning about all our different trees, and watching your trees grow over the coming years.

If you have any questions, please email