Donations and Purchases from grant funding

CCDT recently received a grant for woodland hand tools from the Cambusbarron Community Fund. This week Burnside Garden Machinery in Queenzieburn supplied 5 pruning saws, 4 lifting tongs and 4 hookaroons as shown in the photograph below. These tools will be available for volunteers to use on woodland activities. You can check out the upcoming volunteer days over the summer months through this link

This week we also received delivery of a donation of 40 tonnes of type 1 aggregate from Tillicoultry Quarries. This is for a path in the walled garden and maintaining the vehicular access road into the woodland from Polmaise Road. This is the road that comes in to the workbase/walled garden area.

Please note that access on this road is for residents and for any CCDT authorised works vehicles only.

Our Walled Garden is now a secure growing space with doors/gates fitted and a deer fence securing the previously open south end. This work was made possible from a successful grant from The Mushroom Trust. A cheeky deer wanted to come along for a last nosy to see what was growing before the fence was complete!

A fruit cage was bought using funds from the Good Food for All grant administered by Stirling Council.