Early Summer Update

Walled Garden Update

Another busy week for the walled garden project, pleased to report that the deer fence and doors are now complete but not before a cheeky little deer came to visit but didn’t appear to do any damage.

The large metal deer gate will be locked, access to the garden will be via the door on the north wall or the one as you come up the drive. Please close these after use to ensure that the walled garden’s new planting doesn’t get nibbled!

Most of the yew brash has now been cleared and we will soon be able to plant more of the orchard.

The fruit cage was put up in May and is awaiting the fruit bushes. We’re excited to see what we can grow to be supplied back into the community.

This weekend is volunteer weekend please come visit between 10 and 12 just to see what’s been done or to give a hand as there’s lots to be done. Tea break is normally around 11am.

We like to reuse garden materials and we’ve already had donations of slabs and monoblock bricks. Some of the slabs have already been laid in front of the shed and the monoblock will be laid in the paths between the growing beds. If you have anything you think might be useful please contact us.

Donation of a monkey puzzle tree – from Bobbin Wynd to Gillies Hill Community Woodland

The Stokoe Family recently donated an 18 year old monkey puzzle, it had outgrown it’s current small plot and we hope it will appreciate it’s new home in the community woodland where it will have space to stretch and grow in the years to come!

If you have any trees/plants which are outgrowing your garden space why not get in touch and see if we can rehome and allow them to continue to be loved and appreciate by the whole community within the woodland.

Upcoming consultation sessions

We are now in process of engaging with a forestry consultant in our next steps for planning out the SPHN restocking options in line with our woodland management plan. Once we have information to share we’ll set up a range of consultation sessions and look to engage views of the community.

Chainsaw Carvings Ideas

Our inbox is open for suggestions from local families and we’re also hoping to visit some nurseries and schools in the area before the holidays to get some ideas from our younger woodland lovers of what they would like to see carved into the drey tree stumps. Should we have some animals, flowers, words, dates? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Email us by the end of June.

What could this stump be carved into?

May Woodland Photos

Here’s some photos of what we’ve spotted in the woodland during May, hope you enjoy! Feel free to share your photos with us for our next update too –

Badger raided the bumble nest within the redwood, just off the main drive.
Beautiful bluebells and plenty woodland strawberries too
New bluebells growing in the SPHN felled area, not seen in this area before.
Iris in bloom at the curling ponds
Lots of May tadpoles enjoying the sunshine in the Castle Pond
Red squirrel out to play
First memorial bench of 2023 has been installed in a lovely spot with a view across to the hills.

Photos of Polmaise Castle Gardens in Bloom

Volunteers’ Week – Celebrate & Inspire

To kick off Volunteer’s Week on Thursday 1st June Angus, Gillian and Jennifer hosted a stall in the Thistle Centre as part of Stirling Voluntary Enterprise’s celebrations of volunteering options open to all locally in Stirling.

Thank you to those that popped along to chat and hope we’ll see some new faces at our upcoming events over this summer! If you didn’t make it along please do have a read through different ways that you could get involved in development projects and get in touch to find out more.