Froghunt Session

On Tuesday 12th April we invited families to come along to the ponds near the outdoor classroom area of the woodland nearest the primary school.  We were delightfully surprised by the turnout of around 30 adults and children which was great to see.

We were able to show the excited children who came along some frogspawn, tadpoles and those that waited until the end even got to see a frog too!  There was much excitement and we named him ‘Spotty’ and enjoyed watching him hop back into the pond to enjoy the rest of his day.

Children got a try of pond dipping with the big net with help of Clare and then we watched the trays to see what we could spot!  We were identifying what moved amongst the pond weeds and leaves by counting their legs and how they move.

Greater water boatman named identified because it’s back legs are shaped like oars and it swims on its back!

Diving Beetle which can breath under water like a scuba diver thanks to a little air bubble providing an air supply to its bottom!

Stonefly and Mayfly larvae which can live under water for two years. They grow by shedding their skin. The last time they shed their skin they crawl out of the water on to a rock and emerge as a winged adult living above water for as little as one or two days.

Thanks again to Clare and Sara for sharing their pond dipping knowledge and frog lifecycle session!

Keep an eye out on our events as we hope to run similar sessions in the future too. We would love to hear your thoughts on future educational events you’d like to see in our woodland. Do you have a project or educational idea you’d like support to run? If so please do email us –