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How is the money from the SPHN felling being spent?

The budget was agreed in April for the financial year 2023/24.

The SPHN felling raised approximately £60,000. All together we have unrestricted funds of £69,442.84 (as of 31/3/2023) which includes income from donations.

The budget lists the areas where the funds will be allocated to and this is monitored and reviewed at each Board meeting as we progress through the year.

It shows that certain funds will be ring fenced for a purpose until the objectives are achieved eg SPHN regeneration (including replanting and tree protection) and path creation. There are additional funds available to the trust from grant applications, but these funds are restricted to the purpose of the grants in each case and are not included in this budget.

Through the year we will be applying for funding for the path creation and the SPHN regeneration. If this funding is successful, then this money will be used in preference to the budgeted allocation, and this may free up funds for other projects.