July Volunteer Day Report

Mirren from Froglife joined woodland volunteer day for Gillies Hill Community Woodland today (31 July 2021).

Froglife is a UK wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles – working with people, enhancing lives together for a healthier planet. You can read more about them on their website

The assembled volunteers learned about slow-worms, common lizard, grass snakes, adders, frogs and toads as well as various newts.

Habitat is important for all reptiles and amphibians and Froglife shared with the volunteers the secrets of where each likes to eat, live, rest and hibernate.

Froglife shared their phone based app, “Dragon Finder” which allows us all to log sightings and also helps with identification.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the morning was a hands on exercise to design a wildlife garden.  Fine examples below:

The volunteer day evolved from there to pulling Himalayan Balsalm (an invasive species which is intent on mono-culture) and maintenance of storm ditches on the Seven Winds path that were inundated during last weeks thunderstorm.

During the drain digging the volunteers located a large and unusual fungus/mushroom.

An enjoyable volunteer day.  Thank you to Mirren at Froglife for her enthusiasm.

This volunteer day report written by Angus MacGregor. Thank you!

Our volunteer days run on the last Saturday of every month – for more details about how to get involved