Community Woodland

Preparing for Planting

From Monday 5th February, our contractor will be on site for 1-2 weeks to commence ground preparations for our SPHN replanting project. 

For more details on what they will be doing and why, please see our previous post.

The contractor will be using a low-ground pressure excavator (and potentially a chainsaw), and will be primarily located off the paths in the area around the badger carving (immediately up the hill from the Gillies Hill sheds entrance). They will also require to move between this area and walled garden along the previous timber extraction route.

Whilst on site, it is possible that the excavator will also be used to improve the water drainage in the woodland behind the residential boundary east of the sheds entrance.

We request that all woodland users adhere to any warning signage erected by the contractor, and follow any instructions given by the operator.

If passing by, please attract the operators attention and wait for a thumbs up before proceeding, and stay at least 20m from the excavator at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by