Regeneration Update

Following clearance of invasive rhododendron ponticum CCDT shall be trialling both natural and “forced” regeneration in selected areas in Gillies Hill Community Woodland.

Research and past trials by both NatureScot and, Forestry and Land Scotland have demonstrated that rhododendron ponticum does its utmost to suppress all native species, and in some cases the natural determination to survive means that the leaf mold also prevents regrow of native species.  All sites and locations differ so we are in the process of understanding what works on Gillies Hill.

To help with any native regrow (and especially because our bluebells and harebells are emerging) please keep to the established paths.

Trial areas shall be subtlety marked with pegs and compact winrows – watch out for growth.  We will maintain walking routes around the trial areas.

First trial area prepared

Post written by Angus MacGregor