Community Woodland Larch Removal News

SPHN – Larch removal, Planned work From Fri 18th Feb 2022

Please refer to the update issued yesterday (Wed 16th Feb) which explained the situation with the path between the Gillies Hill sheds and the walled garden:

SPHN – Larch removal, Path between Gillies Hill Entrance and Walled Garden – CCDT

This path has now been closed to the public as a public safety necessity, and also as the path will become increasingly unusable when the forwarder starts to use it.

In addition the open area next to the Walled Garden has also been closed off to the public as it will be used to stack logs prior to transportation off site.

Please adhere to all barriers and notices. These are primarily for public safety.

An excavator was brought onto site today (Thurs 17th Feb) to carry out the remedial works at the burn, install log bridge at the burn crossing and improve drainage to keep runoff away from the forwarder access route. This work will continue for the rest of this week and also on Monday.

This means that the harvester and forwarder will not move back into the forest until Monday of next week at the earliest.

The plan for next week is that the harvester will complete felling larch in Zone 1 and then move into Zone 2 while the forwarder will clear the cut logs from zone 1, and then move into Zone 2.

The harvester may move into Zone 3 towards the end of the week if all larch in zone 2 is felled, This however will depend on the weather which has not been too kind recently.

RTS will reset the barriers and signs before the harvester moves into new zones.

Please keep an eye on the signs at the entrances to the woods to check which Zone is being worked in.

A further update will be provided next Thursday 24th February.

Please avoid the zone where the harvester is operating. Paths in the zone will be closed off. Please follow all guidance and banksmen instructions to ensure your safety. Please keep a safe distance from the forwarder while it is loading and moving about the woodland.



For background information about why the larch is to be removed in this area, the Scottish Plant Health Notice, SPHN and outline plans, please visit previous updates from this page:  SPHN Larch Removal


Measures to Protect the Squirrel Population

Measures undertaken to protect the squirrels are outlined in the blog on the CCDT website of 6th January:    Squirrel Dreys & Bird Boxes Blog – CCDT

The felling zones have been rearranged and the order of felling changed to give the squirrels an easier route away from any felling.

The 10 squirrel feed boxes have been installed by volunteers to the south of the felling area.  See    Squirrel Feeder Boxes in the Woodland 

The volunteers have been keeping the boxes filled with special red squirrel feed. This will continue until at least the completion of the felling operation.

Do send any pictures you manage to take of a red squirrel at the feeders to the email address below.

If you have any queries, comments or concerns or about the work being carried out, please email

Blog written by Jim O’Connor