Community Woodland Larch Removal News

SPHN – Larch Removal, update Thursday 17th March 2022

Work to fell and remove the larch continues to progress at pace.

Felling in Zone 2 is complete and the harvester has moved into Zone 3. It is anticipated Zone 3 felling will be complete by tomorrow (Fri 18th March) and felling will start in Zone 4 on Monday (21st March). RTS will not be working this weekend

Zone 4 will take about a week to complete, though the terrain in that area is difficult and it may take slightly longer.

Please note, RTS have advised that safety signs and barriers they have installed, including those on paths leading directly to the felling areas, are being removed and tossed to the side or hidden in the undergrowth. These signs are put there for the SAFETY of the public and ALL users of the woodland. These signs and barriers must not be interfered with in any way. We thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Due to insufficient room to turn lorries in the stacking area next to the walled garden, there has not been much timber forwarded this week. Work to rectify this should be complete tomorrow to allow timber to be taken off site and therefore allow timber to be forwarded. There is a limit to the amount of timber that can stored in the stacking area. The forwarder will therefore be operating next week taking timber from zones 1,2 and 3 to the stacking area.

There was a meeting with RTS on Tuesday 15th March to discuss opening up a path between the Gillies Hill entrance and the non SPHN area. RTS have advised that they will try and get a route installed as soon as practical. They do however have concerns about safety which have to be taken into account before a solution is finalised. Information will be made available as soon as a path is installed.

A further update will be provided next Thursday 24th March.

Please avoid the zone where the harvester and chainsaw operators are working. Paths in the zone will be closed off. Please follow all guidance and banksmen instructions to ensure your safety. Please keep a safe distance from the forwarder while it is loading and moving about the woodland. Do not interfere with the barriers and signs. These are for everyone’s safety.


Your continued cooperation and tolerance while the felling and forwarding progresses is appreciated. Hopefully access across the woodland will be restored within the next few weeks.

For background information about why the larch is to be removed in this area, the Scottish Plant Health Notice, SPHN and outline plans, please visit previous updates from this page:    SPHN – Larch Removal – CCDT

Measures to Protect the Squirrel Population

Measures undertaken to protect the squirrels are outlined in the blog on the CCDT website of 6th January:    Squirrel Dreys & Bird Boxes Blog

The 10 Squirrel feeders continue to be filled by volunteers …. And the red squirrels are definitely using them. 

Taken Thurs 17th March – Daffy Valley at Feeder near Bendy Tree

If you have any queries, comments or concerns or about the work being carried out, please email

Blog written by Jim O’Connor