Community Concerns Following Felling Works in Murrayshall Quarry/Gillies Hill

On behalf of the community we have raised concerns to Iain Kyle Forestry caused by heavy machinery following the felling and extraction works carried on the Murrayshall Quarry area of Gillies Hill.

For background this link is the original communication from Iain Kyle Forestry at end of November which also includes his contact details should you wish to get in touch directly.

We have been informed they intend to bring in a digger to rectify the rutting caused by machinery and especially where the extraction route has crossed the footpaths they are aware reinstatement is required.  They will also be reinstating the fencing around the quarry edges.

With current weather conditions the concern would be that any works would only create more mud so their intent is as soon as the weather/ground conditions improve they hope to access the site and do the reinstatement work required.

We acknowledge the reasoning behind this but would like a timeline and that we’re not waiting until summer for example.  This week we did ask if by April would be a realistic time frame to be able to communicate out but haven’t had that confirmed. Iain Kyle has today confirmed that they intend to visit the site in the next two weeks to see what needs to be done so we will look to receive an update following that visit.

As Gillies Hill is accessed as a whole regardless of the different ownership boundaries this is certainly affecting the community which is of concern to us and we wish to push to get resolved.