Day One – Lily Pond Project

A start was made today (10th September 2022) on the Lily Pond Project clearing invasive rhododendron ponticum with a view to establishing a more friendly habitat.

If you wish to read more about why we are actively working to clear the ponticum have a look at this previous story

The start of September is the end of bird nesting season, and this marks the permitted period for rhododendron clearance as the disruption to bird habitat is minimised.  The importance of this was emphasised by the discovery of two abandoned nests in todays clearance area.

The project is long term and will be undertaken over the next 10 years.

Todays crew pictured:

Update from Angus MacGregor (Project Lead)

If you wish to get more involved in any of our woodland work please email for more information. Regular volunteers days are the last Saturday of every month.