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Walled Garden Project Update

Our plans for reinstating the walled garden into a community growing space and orchard are now well under way.

The trees and stumps have been removed the yew hedge has been trimmed on one side the other side and the top will be done next season to give it time to recover from the first trim. 

The trees which were removed have been seasoning over the year and recently we had our first processing day selling 17 large bags of logs. We hope to have or second processing day on 12/11/22 if you are interested in buying logs please e-mail

We now have in place a tools and potting shed which going into the colder, wetter weather will be well used. We have been clearing out the old greenhouse bases this year that Cambusbarron Village Nuresry had used some to grow vegetables which showed how fertile the soil is. Our next project will be to lay the paths within the garden and the lay the beds. 

At present we are looking for volunteers to help lay slabs around the shed, someone to build a brick plinth for our IBC to sit on and someone to fit gutters and downpipe to the shed to filter the rainwater off the shed roof into the IBC. If you feel you can help with this please contact

All ages welcome at our volunteer days!

We have two volunteer days every month, watch out for the posters or Facebook posts to find out what jobs are being done. 

Walled Garden Layout

To print or download the Walled Garden layout, use ‘>>’ in the top right corner