Draft Woodland Management Plan – open for consultation

Our Draft Woodland Management Plan is now available for download and review.

We would encourage everyone with an interest in our community woodland to communicate directly with us so that your views and opinions are recorded as part of this consultation process.

This consultation period will be open until 30th September 2021.

This link below is to an earlier news post (18th July) where we explained how a Woodland Management Plan was being developed and as soon as it was available in Draft format the next step is sharing it for consultation with the community before the Plan is finalised. The following key questions were answered in this previous post in the link below.

Why would you want to manage the woods?  Why not just leave the woods to be ‘wild’?

What are the proposals for signs and footpaths?

What are your plans for managing Rhododendron?

What are your plans for producing wood fuel?

Why are there proposals for thinning larch trees?

What is being proposed for the ‘Dark Wids’?

What will happen to any money made from selling timber?

How will I be able to give my views?