End of Summer Update

This summer has seen many project progress so we’re keen to share some photos and let you know of some autumn projects due to start too.

Lots of hard work has gone into the walled garden this season and now the reward is the harvesting of produce! Walled Garden team are looking at what options are for planting and progressing plans over the autumn and winter too.  

Produce (wheelbarrows of potatoes, courgettes and runner beans to name a few) have been donated to the Community Larder which is open to all to access, at no cost, just inside Cambusbarron Community Centre.

If you follow this Facebook page you can find out what is available at the larder as no two days are the same! The initiative was originally set up and continues its aim to reduce food waste from our local Co-op store.

Facebook Page can be found here:

An end of summer BBQ was held during the last volunteer day in August. Thanks to everyone who has contributed throughout the year so far to the walled garden turning into a community growing space.

The walled garden shed has had an upgrade with an extended workspace under shelter from the elements in the coming months.

Next volunteer days at the Walled Garden are Sunday 17th September 12.30pm – 14.30pm and Saturday 30th September 10am – 12noon. Pop along to find out more about the project or message if you wish to get in touch in advance

SPHN – Missed Larch

Scottish Forestry notified CCDT of some missed larch from the original SPHN felling operations. These were found during compliance inspections being carried out in our area in August. The notification was received on the 9th August and contractors were onsite on Wednesday 23rd August where 6 larch trees by the workbase, 1 by the boundary with Stirling Council near the Primary School and 13 in the steep area above the mine adit were felled. All these were hand felled, snedded and cut into shorter lengths where practical. No heavy machinery was taken onsite to complete this final felling relating to the SPHN. At the time of writing there remains 3 outstanding larch trees and we are awaiting confirmation of a follow up date from contractors. No further cost has been incurred by CCDT to carry out this felling as we still had the bond in place with RTS.

SPHN Replanting Plans

Our SPHN replanting plans are progressing well as we’re now at the information gathering and seeking professional advice stage and we’re keen to share more detailed project information soon.  Grant funding options are being explored to supplement the funds we already have ringfenced in the budget for this project. The tree planting sessions will be a great opportunity, similar to residential boundary planting earlier this year, to have as many individuals and groups from our community getting involved as possible. Consultation information on this project will be shared soon but if you have any questions or wish to get actively involved please do get in touch.

Accessible Path Update

The design and technical study for the accessible path from Cambusbarron Primary School to the Walled Garden with a spur to meet the Seven Sisters Development will be starting in the coming weeks. First step is a topographic survey of the proposed path area and it’s immediate surroundings. This is give a detailed output to aid the design as all ground terrain, elevation, existing route, features and trees over 100mm diameter will be picked up by the laser scanning and recorded to a high level of detail.  Intention is to complete studies during autumn to then progress to tender and funding stages over winter and be ready for construction in Spring/Summer 2024. The accessible path was part of our Woodland Management Plan approved in 2022 and we’re pleased to be able to be processing this now. We have recently been successful in receiving £5,550 towards this project from Forth Valley & Lomond Local Action Group (LEADER Programme).

There will be community consultation sessions planned to gather views and have an opportunity to ask questions to the project teams too.


Aside from our Board of Trustees our subgroups (a mix of members and Trustees) meet regularly to progress respective projects as authorised by the Board.  If you have any interest in joining one of our subgroups to focus on assisting developing the work within Woodland Management, Walled Garden, Castle Gardens or our Education & Events Group please do get in touch.

Lily Pond & Rhoddy Bashing!

Lily Pond project will be restarting after bird nesting season and control of invasive species plans across the woodland are being documented too.  Rhoddy bashing season is nearly here for those keen on this task – more info as we get closer to our volunteer dates as to the focus areas of work.

Spotted in the woods….

This is a big and unusual beetle spotted by the Seven Winds Path – it’s called a devil’s coach horse. The Wildlife Trust’s info file tells us that is’s a ferocious and fast predator, the Devil’s coach horse beetle hunts invertebrates after dark in gardens and on grasslands. It is well-known for curling up its abdomen like the tail of a scorpion when defending itself.

If you have any questions about this update please do message us!