Notice of Contractor Onsite

Contractors will be onsite Thursday 4th May and Friday 5th May.

The focus will be to remove the felled monkey puzzle to the walled garden and there are a six wind blown sitka spruce which are being felled as part of ongoing tree safety work within the woodland. Banksmen will be alongside any felling so please adhere to any health and safety advice given.

The six windblown trees will be felled to the ground, cut into 3m lengths and left in situ. These six comprise of one lone tree to the west end of the dark wids above the walled garden on the path and five at the east end on the Streetfighter Path (between Bearside Meadow and the curling ponds).

Since the monkey puzzle was felled neither the Trust nor our contractors have authorised for any sections of it to be removed from the woodland. It has been reported to us that a 2m length has been chainsaw cut and removed last week – it is disappointing to hear that this has happened and we are trying to find out more about this. If you have any information please do email us.

For info on why the monkey puzzle was felled on 15th March please see this original post

Other than our trained and insured chainsaw operator or authorised contractors there should be no other use of chainsaws within the community woodland. This is for the safety of all users of our community woodland.

If you have any questions on this work or information to provide please do get in touch with us