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SPHN – Larch removal, week from 31 Jan 2022

Revised Programme

 Planned work From Mon 31st January

Following a meeting with RTS earlier this week a revised plan has been developed. This was to ensure public access to the woodland was maximised and to ensure the red squirrel population could easily move from felling to non-felling areas.

To aid this, a new map has been developed and the zones renumbered. The new zone map is as follows:

RTS, the felling contractor, has advised that the harvester, that was due on site this week, has been delayed at its current work site. There will be no felling by RTS between now and Monday 31st January.

The harvester in now due to arrive over the coming weekend with a view to starting felling in Zone 1 on Monday 31st January. Zone 1 contains the area where trees have already been felled and is marked on the above plan.

Zone 1 will be cordoned off and there will be no public access into the zone over this period. This is due to the increased hazard associated with using the harvester.

Felling of zone 1 is scheduled to take one week.

Zones 2 to 5 inclusive will remain open to the public over this period. However please follow instructions on signage and banksman instructions.

It is anticipated that from Monday 7th February, once the larch in Zone 1 is fully felled, the harvester will move into Zone 2. The felling in Zone 2 should take a week.

It is anticipated that the harvester will move into Zones 3, 4 and 5 on a week by week basis.

A further update will be issued next Thursday 3rd February to confirm

From Monday 31st January, once the harvester starts operating, Please avoid Zone 1. Paths in this area will be closed off. Please follow all guidance and banksmen instructions to ensure your safety.



For background information about why the larch is to be removed in this area, the Scottish Plant Health Notice, SPHN and outline plans, please visit previous updates from this page: removal


Measures to Protect the Squirrel Population

We have taken measures to minimise the risk to our red squirrel population. The measures so far undertaken are outlined in the blog   Squirrel Dreys & Bird Boxes Blog

The rearranging of the felling zones and the order the new order of felling is to give the squirrels an easier route away from any felling.

In addition we have bought six additional squirrel feed boxes which will give us a total of ten boxes. This is to encourage the squirrels away from the felling areas.

We are looking for volunteers (ideally families) to help set these up and maintain the feeding boxes over the next few weeks. This is to be launched during this Saturday’s volunteer day – please see ….

volunteer day 29 Jan 2022

If you have any queries, comments or concerns or about the work being carried out, please email

Blog written by Jim O’Connor