Community Woodland Larch Removal News

SPHN – Larch removal, work from Friday 4th Feb 2022

Further to the update posted last Thursday 27th January, the harvester moved onto site on Saturday and has been working within Zone 1 as planned. The weather has however caused some delays.

The harvester will continue to operate in Zone 1 for the rest of this week.

There has been some lost time due to high winds and the late arrival of the machine.

In order to meet the deadline of felling the larch in the SPHN area by the end of February, the harvester will be working in Zone 1 on Sunday 6th February

 From Monday 7th February, the harvester will continue to work in Zone 1 for most of the next week. It will move into Zone 2 towards the end next week.

RTS will reset the barriers and signs before the harvester moves into Zone 2.

Please keep an eye on the signs at the entrances to the woods to check which Zone is being worked in.

The Forwarder.

The forwarder, that will transport the cut logs to the storage area at the walled garden, will move onto site towards the end of next week.

The forwarder, when on site, will utilise the existing track from the Gillies Hill entrance towards the Walled Gardens.

To separate walkers from the machine, a new alternate footpath is being formed to the South of the existing path. Signs will be installed over the next week. For your safety, please use the alternate path.

A further update will be provided next Thursday 10th February.

Please avoid the zone where harvester is operating. Paths in this area will be closed off. Please follow all guidance and banksmen instructions to ensure your safety.


For background information about why the larch is to be removed in this area, the Scottish Plant Health Notice, SPHN and outline plans, please visit previous updates from this page:


Measures to Protect the Squirrel Population

Measures undertaken to protect the squirrels are outlined in the blog on the CCDT website of 6th January        Squirrel Dreys & Bird Boxes Blog – CCDT

The felling zones have been rearranged and the order of felling changed to give the squirrels an easier route away from any felling.

Thanks to a group volunteers, ten squirrel feed boxes have been installed, mainly the southern edge of the felling area.

A blog will be put on the website shortly which will show the locations.

This will hopefully encourage the squirrels away from the felling areas.

If you have any queries, comments or concerns or about the work being carried out, please email

Blog written by Jim O’Connor