Volunteer Saturday – 30th Oct

Any Chance of a Bit of Help on Saturday 30th October?

Anyone that would like to help out with clearing the invasive rhododendron ponticum in the woodland this Saturday 30th October – please come along to:
The Woodland Work Base at 10:00am

Woodland Work Base – steel container next to the walled garden

Please dress in old clothes, and sturdy footwear – it could be a bit muddy in places. Work gloves are recommended. At this time of year a bit of rain is to be expected. If possible do bring your own loppers and a wood saw. We have some spare tools, but possibly not enough to go around. You may also wish to bring some sustenance and something to drink.

If you arrive later than 10 am, directions will be pinned to the steel container so you can find the work party.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday if you can make it along.

Jim O’Connor
Member of CCDT Board of Trustees