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Scottish Forestry – Tree Health Inspection

Following recent aerial surveys by Scottish Forestry, trees have been identified within our woodland as marked in the maps below that Scottish Forestry would like to inspect on foot, regarding a possible serious tree disease (Phytophthora ramorum – ).

This ground-based inspection will be carried out on Tuesday 21st September.

To get the best sample possible for laboratory identification, and to mitigate sporulation of the potential disease to directly neighbouring trees, the surveyors may need to fell suspect trees during this inspection (up to a maximum of four trees).

If you would like information on the legislative basis of Scottish Forestry’s tree health activities more details can be found in the following links:

The Plant Health (Official Controls and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Regulations 2019

Commission Decision of 19 September 2002 on provisional emergency phytosanitary measures to prevent the introduction into and the spread within the Community of Phytophthora ramorum