Community Woodland FAQ News

What are the safety concerns regarding the Dark Wids?

CCDT have been consulting with the community for some years regarding the area known as the Dark Wids/Woods. The Woodland Management Plan recommends that this area should be clear felled because the trees are mature and increasingly vulnerable to windblow.   However the trust is aware that this is a contentious proposal within the community given the unique atmosphere the dark woods currently provide compared to the rest of the community woodland.

As part of the woodland management plan CCDT will be procuring a professional safety assessment of the whole woodland. 

CCDT arranges and supports many groups and individuals to use the woodland. Before organised events risk assessments are carried out to ensure paths are clear, there are no weather concerns etc.

CCDT intends, as far as possible, to ensure public safety within the woodland whilst at the same time maintaining a natural and environmentally diverse landscape. CCDT understands that there will always be risks associated with trees however, as part of the management of the woodland, we intend to have a proactive inspection regime to help identify safety issues with particular trees.