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Who is Iain Kyle and what is in his report?

Tillicoultry Quarries, one of our neighbouring landowners was also issued with an SPHN and Iain Kyle was contracted in to complete that felling work in Nov/Dec 2022. Iain Kyle was in communication with CCDT as he required some access onto CCDT land to route machinery during the works.

During conversations between him and CCDT he made it clear he was interested in a potential woodland management contract for the community woodland and he subsequently provided the trust with his comments on the management needs of the woodland. 

At the moment CCDT has not engaged further with Iain Kyle nor any other Forestry Management Company to support in delivering the aims of the Woodland Management Plan. We are currently in communication with Community Woodlands Association (CWA) to understand recommendations and options for how we do progress the aims of our plan.