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Why are you allowing a private nursery to build for free and rent free in the woods?

One of the aims of CCDT is to promote the use of the woods for educational purposes. Cambusbarron Village Nursery CIC has been running Forest Kindergarten type sessions in the woodland for several years. The nursery intends to develop this kindergarten provision further by building a nursery within the woodland. This project is in its infancy but is supported by CCDT and more widely as the benefits to children and families of this type of provision are well known. CVN commissioned Community Enterprise to undertake a Feasibility Study for their proposal on their behalf and this included public consultation and open days. The project is still in its infancy and there is no formal agreement regarding rent between CCDT and CVN at this stage.  

Jane Bain was invited to join the board in 2019 in recognition of CVNs work in the woods. CCDTs conflict of interest policy requires Jane to have no influence in CCDT decisions regarding CVN. 

Note that CVN is a Community Interest Company. This is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders. It is a business with primarily social objectives so while it seeks to create a surplus (profit) this is reinvested to further the CIC social aims and objectives. 

A statutory feature of a CIC is it’s asset lock which makes sure that assets are only used for the benefit of the community. 

CVN is currently working with Community Enterprise to update the Feasibility Study in light of current financial circumstances. This will involve further community consultation and events.

CVN’s website has more information and will contain updates as they are available.