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What are the concerns regarding asbestos in the walled garden?

Stirling Council withdrew the asbestos disposal service at Lower Polmaise Waste Management Centre in Jan 2020 because of low demand and frequent breaches of safety by site users (Stirling Council facebook post 31 Jan 2020). Up until that point Stirling residents could take double wrapped and sealed items there on Wednesday afternoons. Items would then be removed and disposed of by specialists. It is likely/possible that without this formal method of disposal asbestos items were dumped in the woodland area. 

One of our volunteers was previously an asbestos surveyor and has been able to provide advice on this subject and has spent some time in the woods checking for signs of asbestos material. Two pieces of suspect material have been found (about 650x300mm each visible and appearing reasonably intact). It is likely that there is more buried in the area and he advised to avoid disturbing the area until it could safely be disposed of by a licensed collector. The team of volunteers working in the walled garden protected the area containing the item as advised. 

Another of our Trustees is professionally experienced in dealing with asbestos as a specialist hazmat advisor and he has developed a procedure to contain and store any asbestos materials discovered securely before they can be uplifted for professional disposal.  Asbestos found and brought to the attention of the trust has been safely bagged to reduce the hazard.  

CCDT are aware that someone has taken it upon themselves to move the suspected asbestos found in the walled garden to the outside wall. Moving the item is considered hazardous particularly with a risk of it breaking up causing more significant exposure. 

Despite suggestions to the contrary this is the only piece of asbestos so far discovered.