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Why can the CCDT board elect themselves on year after year?

There have been almost 40 trustees on the CCDT Board of Trustees since the board was set up in 2010. One Trustee has been on the Board since 2010. The constitution allows for a maximum of 12 trustees at any time. There are currently 10 trustees (11th April 2023) which are listed on this page

At the Annual General Meeting all trustees must step down from the board but indicate if they are willing to be re-elected. Any member of the trust can also indicate that they are willing to be elected.

If there are more than 12 people (including trustees who have just stood down) willing to be elected there will be a vote and the members with the most votes are elected to the board.

In practice there has never been the need for a vote because there are either less than 12 candidates or that there is a resolution at the meeting (candidates come to mutual agreements at the time).  

The constitution can be viewed here.