Winner of our Community Woodland Summer Challenge

Thank you to everyone who took part in our summer challenge and congratulations to Sarah Williams who won the prize draw. Sarah was delighted to win her Forest Explorer Kit with mini books and we hope she has lots of fun as she continues to explore our woodland with her family!

The challenge was self-led and encouraged families to visit different areas of the woodland and find information about that area such as what was growing in the walled garden or what date Polmaise Castle was built? We also asked them to close their eyes and use their other senses and tell us what they could hear or smell too!

Some summer holiday memories being made in our woodlands as our final question was what they would remember most from their walk in the woods, it was lovely to read all the answers:

playing with friends;

throwing pine cones;

holding a baby frog;

seeing tadpoles;

jumping on tree stumps!