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Updating Our Membership 11/23

Over the next six months CCDT will be updating our membership database so that we can continue to comply with rules on data holdings and the requirements of our new constitution.

General data rules

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require that the data we hold about you must be accurate, and we must not hold it for longer than necessary. We do not have a yearly membership fee, so we have very little opportunity to re-check member’s details. An update is now needed.

New constitution

Our new constitution was accepted at the last AGM and has now been approved by the Scottish charity regulator (OSCR).

Boundary Change – Under the new constitution the boundaries of the CCDT area for Full membership have been redefined to those living in Cambusbarron Community Council area or within postcode sectors FK7 9, FK8 2, FK7 0 instead of the previous boundary definition as the community council area plus those living within 2km from Cambusbarron Main Street.

Voting Change – only those with Full member status (not Associate or Junior) will be able to vote at an AGM, including the voting to elect the new Board. Therefore, we need to make sure we have an up-to-date home address for all members. Proxy voting will now be allowed but in order to facilitate this, we can no longer allow multiple members to share an email address (unless they are Junior members).

Why are there now two options for receiving emails?

Currently we send out emails to everyone on our list who opts in. This has meant that those who unsubscribe from news and activities also do not receive emails about the AGM or other member meetings. We have an obligation to inform members about these meetings, so we are splitting our lists to allow you to opt out of news emails, but still continue to receive AGM information.

Do I need an email address?

No, absolutely not and we will not exclude somebody from membership for not having an email address. We currently have around 50 members on our list without emails and we will be contacting them separately over the next few months.

What if I am currently using a relative’s email address?

In order to facilitate future proxy voting we need a secure way of contacting each individual member on our list and can no longer allow multiple household members to sign up with one email address (unless they are Junior members).

If this applies to you then your options will be:

  • If your relative is not a CCDT member themselves, you can continue to use this email for your CCDT membership
  • If you have your own email address, you can sign up again using this email instead
  • If you do not have your own email address, you can go into our group of members without emails and we will contact you about the AGM using another method.

What do I need to do now?

If you became a member of CCDT before 25th November 2023 (most of you) we will be contacting you over the next few months to update your details. We must have an opt-in response from you. If we do not have this by June 30th 2024 your current membership will lapse and your details will be deleted. You will, however, be able to sign up again at any point in the future.

We will be contacting different groups separately:

  • Those members who currently share an email address
  • Everyone else on the membership email list
  • Members who do not currently have an email address.

With nearly 400 members to check this may take some time. Please bear with us and respond when you are contacted. Please do not fill out a new membership form unless you are requested to, although new members are always welcome to sign up during this time. You will still receive all the email communications until June 30th next year.

What if I have questions?

Please send a message using Contact Us.