What is the election process for the Board of Trustees?

  1. Trustee application forms submitted by 8th August.  Can be accessed here or email to receive an electronic copy or printed copies can be picked up from Cambusbarron Library.
  2. Application forms acknowledged upon receipt.
  3. References requested prior to AGM on 22nd August.
  4. Email communication to members at least one week in advance of AGM the list of names standing for election/re-election.  
  5. Ballot paper listing all names will be printed in advance of AGM and issued to members on the night of the AGM. Members can vote for up to 12 on the list.
  6. Votes will be counted and result of the ballot declared. Our membership secretary and a second person will assist with the count.  Two witnesses will be requested from the members present on the night to observe the count.  A DTAS representative will also be present to assist and oversee the count.  A Trustee will be elected if the ballot paper shows they have the majority vote of the members present and where there are more than 12 standing for Trustee positions it will be those with the most votes overall that become the 12 new Trustees.  Every member has one vote, which must be given personally (clause 44).
  7. New Board of Trustees will be announced at the AGM and then the induction packs will be issued to those Trustees to be returned as soon as possible.  The induction pack contains the Trustee Declaration, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy to be completed and signed.  Regardless of whether a Trustee in past these will all need to be completed and signed for the year ahead.
  8. After the AGM has concluded the new Board of Trustees should agree on the first Board meeting date and time.
  9. At the first Board meeting the charity trustees must elect (from among themselves) a chair, treasurer and a secretary (clause 70). 
  10. The Board of Trustees for 2023/24 is communicated to members as soon as possible after that first Board meeting following the AGM.

If any members have questions regarding this process please do get in touch 

We wish for this is a transparent, open and democratic process understood by our members in line with our constitution.  We are communicating this process in advance so that all members of our organisation are fully informed, have an opportunity to ask questions in advance and at the AGM can submit their vote and have a say in who is their new Board of Trustees for CCDT.